Tuesday, April 9, 2013


by Lucy Knisley

I've never read a graphic novel, always thought them for sci fi fans, 'mature audiences', or teenagers. But this title was so appealing, and the first few sample pages off Amazon so charming, I went ahead and ordered it from the wonderful Amazon Vine program.

No foodie I, and I hoped based on the preview that Ms. Kinsley could introduce a new dimension, a certain relish to my relationship with food.  And her book delivered, delightful vignettes from her lifetime of daily food fiestas.  The cartooning is whimsical, her sense of humor engaging.  There are a number of recipes scattered through the book along with illustrated how-to details.

If you're already a skilled cook with an experienced palate, this may be a little basic for you.  It would be a very nice gift for someone just beginning to cook.

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