Thursday, March 14, 2013

March and Caleb's Crossing

by Geraldine Brooks, submitted by BB

I have just finished this book I absolutely could not wait to pick it up again each time I set it down.  This is a novel which takes place during the Civil War.  Brooks was a NYT foreign correspondent in several countries.  Her language and metaphors are definitive and refreshing.  I plan to order another by her called "Caleb's Crossing.

April 2:  I just finished Caleb's Crossing.  It includes the history of Martha's Vineyard and Harvard in the 1600s as she weaves her wonderful imaginative story around facts and real people.

I loved her last paragraph where she ruminated "if I had made a different choice back then, how many other lives would have changed and including mine. Interesting to think about. All for now.

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