Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet

by Robb Wolf, submitted by NW

This book has a lot of interesting physiological information in the book. For me, as a geologist, a particularly interesting thing about the book is that it takes a paleohistorical approach and speculates on the sort of diet that humans ate through 99% of their evolutionary history, i.e., before the start of agriculture ~ 9000 years ago. He makes grains and legumes bad guys, but I haven't read far enough yet to see if Wolf was aware that pre-agricultural societies ground and ate many type of seeds mesquite beans. Metates* attest to that. The ancients just didn't overindulge in those commodities on a regular basis.

Editor's note:  I had to look up Metates which, per Wikipedia, is a mortar, a ground stone tool used for processing grain and seeds. Per NW: "I found a beautiful metate and a mano (the stone held in your hand) in a mesquite grove in West Texas about 30 years ago when I was doing uranium exploration. I had found others, but in plowed fields they were all broken. Apparently this was one grove of mesquite that was there since pre-agricultural times in Texas. It had been used for so long, that a hole had been worn through the bottom - and consequently was abandoned there."

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